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About Sinor

Company Profile

Company Profile

SINOR ELECTRONICS DEVICES CO., LTD., founded in 2005, is a national leading intelligent equipment and intelligent solutions provider. The company has passed the national hi-tech enterprises recognition and currently has more than 50 national patents. At the same time, it cooperates technically with universities and research institutes.With high quality and high-tech products, the company always wholeheartedly provides users with the most advanced intelligent equipment and good service. The management of the company is strictly implemented in a systematic and standardized manner.

Overall automation solutions: mobile phone screen baking whole line, air conditioning packaging whole line, etc. 

Fully automatic packaging line: unpacking machine, bagging machine, weighing labeling machine, corner sealing paper machine, top sealing paper machine, packing line turnkey project, etc.


SMT (SMT) surrounding equipment: Up/Down Loader (Loader) Series, The Transport Interchange Conveyor (Conveyor) Series, FIFO Buffer Machine (FIFO), Corner-Turning Machine (Turn), Plate Turnover Inverter (Inverter), Parallel Transfer Machine (Transfer), Semi-Automatic Printing Machine (PRINT), etc. 

Electronics factory non-standard equipment: Upper/lower wave crest(Wave solsderinfeed&outfeed), PCB Insert Line Series, PVC Belt Line, 90 & 180 Degrees Curve Belt Conveyor, etc.

Home appliance production equipment: Roller line assembly free flow line, TV &monitor the assembly line, refrigerator assembly line, water dispenser assembly line, aging test, etc. 

Labeling machine: A type labeling machine, B type labeling machine, C type labeling machine.  

Intelligent manufacturing is the core of industry 4.0. Our company is specializing in providing manufacture companies with the intelligent factory top design and the factory 4.0 solutions with integration of hardware and software, reducing the manual intervention on production line and building a high efficient,energy saving, environmental protecting and comfortable humanized factory for customers.