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Non-standard automation equipment is emerging in China

Non-standard automation equipment is emerging in China

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The business affairs of China machine tool Contribute column 】 in recent years, with the continuous improvement of Labour costs, more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to this area ind

The business affairs of China machine tool Contribute column 】 in recent years, with the continuous improvement of Labour costs, more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to this area industrial automation equipment, special is non-standard automation equipment, it is not as simple as traditional PuBiao equipment, but with a flexible customized, convenient operation and functional diversity for industrial manufacturing industry has brought new opportunities of development. China's non - standard automation equipment began to emerge, but encountered many obstacles in the process of development.

Non-standard automation equipment is in high demand.

In the past, China's manufacturing boom relied on cheap Labour. However, when passing by, as the new labor population decline in recent years, people living standard rise, labor is no longer cheap resources, a worker is hard to find, have become more and more common, in order to meet the needs of production, automated production gradually recognized and valued by business owners. As an important part of automation production, non-standard equipment has become more and more popular in the past decade, and a large number of non-standard equipment manufacturers have sprung up in the market.

In China after the financial crisis, non-standard automation equipment must be more prosperous. Dongguan robot technology association vice-chairman luo hui said, the demand of the enterprises to adopt automation equipment is increasing, because of the specific conditions in each enterprise is different, non-standard automation needs to occupy a large part of proportion. The cost of non-standard equipment can be budgeted in advance, the non-standard automation market will grow rapidly, and the application depth of automation products will continue to increase. In injection molding industry, for example, many injection enterprises according to their own actual situation through designed a set of suitable non-standard automation solutions, and widely used industrial robots and manipulator, implementations of "chemical" and "no lamp workshop", the production cost of products to get maximum savings. Guangdong yuyu intelligent equipment robot co., LTD. Produces a more promising product quality.

Development status of non-standard automation equipment.

Although the non-standard equipment industry overall presents an obvious rising trend, the market space of non-standard equipment is vast, and even some traditional industries may become the most potential market. However, the number of non-standard enterprises in China is large, the scale is small, the technical backwardness and the homogeneity of competition are also obvious defects, and there are at least 10 years gap in this field with the developed countries. The new non-standard automation equipment is often the equipment of mechatronics, making full use of the latest achievements of information technology. Some of China's enterprises of designers for product not familiar with, can't or won't choose that greatly restrict the improvement of the level, and many did not truly independent core technology, rely on the equipment import obviously difficult to drop in its costs. At present, high-end products such as industrial robots and servo motors are still imported mainly from abroad.

According to the market logic, the growth of the market space can improve the level of technological research and development and the scale of enterprises, and provide enterprises with good development opportunities. But the objective conditions, by contrast, non-standard equipment of domestic enterprises is not out of the vicious cycle of low-quality low-priced, still in simple imitation, have not developed their own special products, patent products, not to accumulate more money for the development of the enterprise. At present, the small workshop production of more than ten people is still the mainstream form of non-standard equipment industry.

Despite the fact that non-standard automation equipment industry as a whole is an obvious trend, non-standard automation equipment market space is broad, even some traditional industries will likely become the largest potential market, but with the growth of the domestic similar to a group of enterprises, domestic production of non-standard automation products proportion is steadily improving.

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