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Cases of air conditioning outdoor units automatic packing solutions


▲   In automatic packing, the company has developed: automatic unpacking→automatic sealing→automatic box & bagging→automatic labeling→automatic tie→film wrapping machine, the complete set of automatic packaging system equipment including all the above processes.This set of equipment is widely used in air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, computers and other home appliance industries.

▲   The company has a professional design, research and development team and a perfect technical force team, can customize a complete set of packaging systems according to the requirement. The realization of the packaging system full automation achieves a comprehensive application from manual to automatic. The equipment field debugging is convenient, powerful, mature and practical, unique in the industry.


High quality product


1. All materials adopted by the company are provided by formal suppliers with quality guarantee. The electrical components of the whole machine are mainly imported products, such as SMC from Japan/ AirTAC from Taiwan/FESTO from Germany/ Mitsubishi fromJapan /Siemens from Germany/OMRON from Japan and other famous brands. 

2. All materials purchased by the company must pass the inspection of quality department before entering the warehouse.

3. The quality personnel and the assembly and debugging personnel shall conduct comprehensive inspection and testing on each delivered product. After the internal inspection is qualified, it shall be subject to preliminary inspection by the customer, and the delivery then can be carried out with the customer’s confirmation.

4. When the product is delivered to customers for use, the company’s professional after-sales personnel must provide ready-made training and guidance for the operation personnel of the product.  



Service Advantages

一. Pre-Sale Service 


To ensure that the needs of customers can be fully understood, the design, procurement, production, assembly and after-sale team will cooperate closely. The company adopts a set of rigorous sale design and service process:  

1. Customer communication - define the application and need.

2. Preliminary plan – including provide various plan concepts and quotations, trying to solve the problem at low cost and complying with the standard

3. Application demand tables - defines application parameters in detail to ensure that the solution is feasible and provide design and quotation baseof non-standard solution.

4. Site assessment

5. Detailed solution and quotation

6. Order tracking- experienced personnel will track each customer order, reporting directly to the front line staff, urgent for customer needs.      

二. After-sales service


1. In order to meet the overall needs of customers and set up the corporate image, the company wholeheartedly provides services for you adhering to the core product and service concept that is "to solve the bottleneck of customer's production, to solve the multi-operator position of production personnel and s to solve the complex production position", and "consider for what customers want". The company plans solutions flexibly and provides personality and human services. In the process of equipment installation, commissioning and testing, we sincerely invite customers to come to the site for the inspection of the whole process and full performance. After one week's free training and guidance of your company's operators on equipment acceptance, the company will have professional staff in the factory to take charge of equipment operation for one week. During the trial operation of the equipment, the company undertakes all parts for one yearwarranty (except for man-made damage) and lifetime maintenance.

2. Service response time: for the services requirements, the service engineers will provide solution by phone. For the problems that cannot be settled by pone, the service engineers will take effective actions within 24 hours. In case of machine failure, maintenance engineers will be sent to the site within 48 hours to solve the problems. 

3. For the special requirements of customers, thecompany can provide on-site consulting and technical guidanceand jointly decide on the best the best solution.

 4. The company provides 12 months of free after-sales service within the warranty period; beyond the warranty period, the company provides lifelong maintenance, timely and high-quality maintenance services and technical support.

5. The company provides spare parts, vulnerable parts list and their quotations. The inventory of vulnerable parts is above safe line.

6. The company provides technical support of control software to meet customer's process production requirement ofthe improvement and overall control of the automatic equipment system method.



Honor customers



Introduction of automatic casing and labeling machines of air conditioning outdoor units   


                              Station 1: manuallytaking out the quality inspection card and cleaning upair conditioning outdoor units station



                               Station 2: manual bagging and installation of connecting pipe position

                                 Station 3: manually casing, with front and back labels                   

                               Position 4: manually placing the top cover of the package and fold the carton

Station 5: automatic sealing


Now, the packaging production line operation flow of air conditioning outdoor unitslater process is as follows:

(Station 1) manually taking out the quality inspection card and cleaning upair conditioning outdoor unitsto nextstation;

(Station 2) manually bagging air conditioning outdoor unitsfrom the prior stationand installing the connecting pipe, to next station.

(Station 3) manually casing air conditioning outdoor units from the prior stationand labeling with front and back labels, to next station.

(Station 4) manually placing top coverair conditioning outdoor units from the prior stationand folding the carton cover, to next station. And then the automatic sealing machine seals the top of the carton


 The entire job process requires 4 workers and the speed is 15 seconds/set.


The solution proposed by SINOR





Solution Process Description:



Process Description:


1. Manually cleaning and wiping the surface of air conditioning outdoor unitsfrom the prior station. And then taking out the quality inspection card and manually scanning at the same time, (so as to transfer signal to labeling machine in the later process), to the next station after scanning;

2. Bagging machine automatically conducts bagging operation and the air conditioning outdoor units flow to the next station after bagging;

3. Manually installing the connecting pipe on the air conditioning outdoor units from the prior stationand placing the top cover of the air conditioning outdoor units.

4. The unpacking machine will automatically open the carton after it is ready to be formed (note: the unpacking machine will be working at the same time as step 1, step 2 and step 3);

5. The casing machine will place the top cover on the air conditioning outdoor units from the prior station. And the air conditioning outdoor units flow to the next station after casing.

6. The labeling machine will automatically label front and back labelson the air conditioning outdoor units case from the prior station. After labeling, theair conditioning outdoor unitsflows to the next station;

7. The fully automatic lid folding and sealing machine will fold and seal the product case. The product flows to the next station afterfolding and sealing.

Note: the height of the whole line mesa is 670mm

The entire job process requires 2 workers and the speed is13 seconds/set.




Automatic unpacking machine


█ Process overview

Place the unformed cartons into the storage tank, put down the material pushing plate. The suction plate will absorb the cartons. The unpacking operation will be carried out with the main push box bar and the auxiliary push box bar.

█ The characteristics


● The automatic unpacking machine integrates automatic unpacking, automatic folding cover and automatic sealing of the bottom of the carton. It can quickly complete molding carton.

● This unpacking machine adopts professional precision design. The whole machine adopts CAM continuous system and the machine operates accurately and stably.
● This unpacking machine seals the box tightly with smooth tape, without skipping the tape.
● This unpacking machine adopts stepless variable speed control while molding and sealing, which can adjust the speed at any time, saving time. Carton storage adopts vertical design.

 ● Cartons can be supplemented at any time, no need to stop, simple operation, easy adjustment. No worry to damage of the carton and automatic alarm when no tape.
● It can be used by single machine or with automatic packaging line


█  Technical parameters



 Automatic folding, nailing and sealing machine

█ Process overview


● The series is automatic type, automatic nailing and sealing series.
● It is applicable to pack different sizes of cartons at the same time within the carton specifications. If specifications change, it can adjust automatically.
● The nailing head adopts the automatic machine special nailing head imported from Japan (5,000 nailing needles/rolls).
● Packaging function - automatically fold the cover, nail and paste the tape. The top and bottom operation is completed at the same time.
● The machine parts are precise, durableand stable with long life.
● Compared with manually taping, it is more beautiful, faster and more efficient.


█ Technical parameters



Bagging machine

█ The characteristics


●Adopting unique linear design, compact structure, cover an small area, no need toadjust the direction of product while packing for limitation on some sites, convenient, not restricted by length of packing materials.
●It can be connected with the production line for automatic feeding, film wrapping, sealing and cutting, shrinkage, cooling, finalization, no human flow operation.
●The whole machine has stable performance and long service life.


Special transmission structure to avoid product damage.
Special protective device is installed on the seal to prevent the wrong cutting of the package.
International leading cold cutting technology, reducing power consumption, ensuring fast and firm sealing and cutting.
Transmission motor adopts frequency conversion speed control, long service life, low noise.

█ Technical parameters




Casing machine

█ Process overview


The drum line transports the carton after sealing. The carton pushing board will send the carton to the pickup configuration site. Pickup configuration drops to adsorb carton and rise to the casing site. The production is placed on the product delivery line and pickup configuration drops to start casing operation;

█ The characteristics


● Automatically pickup. The casing machine can complete carton pickup and casing operations with integration of automatic carton pickup, product positioning, placing the product into the carton
●The casing machine adopts professional precision design, the whole machine adopts CAM continuous system, the machine operates accurately and stably.
●Quick pickup, accurate product positioning, stable casing.
●Case pickup and casing adopts stepless variable speed control while molding and sealing, which can adjust the speed at any time, saving time. Carton storage adopts vertical design.

●Simple operations, easy adjustment, no need to worry about damaged cartons.
●It can be used by single machine or with automatic packaging line

█  Technical parameters




Real - time printing labeling machine

█ The characteristics of

●This machine adopts PLC automatic control.
●The electric eye (monitoring camera) USES the background to suppress the photoelectric sensor, and is not subject to external light or ultrasonic noise interference, so the detection is accurate.
●All mechanisms including cabinets, baffles and fasteners are mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum profiles, free from rust and pollution concerns, ensuring GMP environmental requirements.
●All system control components have international standard certification, and have passed strict incoming inspection test to ensure the reliability of all functions.

█ Technical parameters



Scanning and testing equipment

█ The characteristics of

●All independent intellectual property rights, 32-bit ARM microprocessor, stronger ability to decode and correct errors;
●USB interface for direct USB keyboard output, faster data transmission (other company products in the industry are generally PS2 keyboard, and then through the data line to the USB keyboard);
●Super comfortable touch button, more than 5 million keystroke life;
●Manual trigger/continuous scan;
●Support infrared self - induction scanning, fully realize unattended (optional function);
●When transmitting barcode data: up to 5 start/end characters can be customized to achieve one-to-many (one PC/PLC host to multiple barcode scanners) communication.

█ Technical parameters




Conveyor line

█ The characteristics of

●The roller conveyor line is easy to connect and filter.
●Multiple roller lines and other conveyors or special machines can be used to form complex logistics transportation system and split and combined flow system to meet various technological needs.

█ Technical parameters




Layout design of TCL air conditioner packaging line

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