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I-shaped sealing machine


Device configuration


1. Power supply: 220V 50HZ

2. Power: 8KW

3. Applicable tape: 75mm wide

4. Mesa height: 450+/-50mm

5. Suitable models: the following models of seven sizes are 2582, 5457, 2583, 3837, 5458, 7143, 7383, 7382, 7914 and 8722.

8752, 5462, 7915

6. Air source: 4 ~ 6KG.F

7. Capacity: 15-18 seconds/set

8. Good equipment rate: 98%

9. Main parts



Layout diagram



Corner edge sealing machine layout

Layout of straight edge sealing machine


Product flow


Successful case sharing



Action demonstration


1. The carton is transmitted from the front-end station to the sealing equipment, and the optical fiber in the machine type recognition system will be blocked by cartons of different heights, so as to realize the machine type identification.




2. The carton continues to move forward, and the servo system will automatically move the sealing core to the corresponding sealing position according to the machine type information.

Let me close the corners first. For some products, only two corner edge sealing devices will be required to retract the sealing box core without edge sealing according to the expected procedure.




3. After sealing the corner edge, the carton will enter the top lift and shift, making the carton turn to 90 degrees and enter the straight-side sealing machine



4. The carton enters the servo system of the straight-edge sealing machine and automatically moves the sealing core to the corresponding sealing position according to the machine type information.

For some product sealing equipment without sealing the bottom of the box, the sealing machine core without sealing the edge will be retracted according to the preset procedure.




5. After sealing the cartons, send them from the equipment to the next work station.

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