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SALP-300-B Type automatic online labeling machine



Technical specifications

General requirements


Installation dimensions

L1100* W650* H1500

Power supply

communication 220V,50Hz

Air supply demand

4-6 kgf/cm^2

Weight of the

about 180Kg

Appearance of the color

Grey white (available upon request)

The grounding impedance


The environment temperature

2327 Celsius, mean 25 Celsius

Relative humidity

No greater than 70

Insulation impedance


Maximum noise at work

< 85 db

Label feeding and labeling system


Feeding way

Blank volume label(With German CAB Company Hermes Label the arm immediately)

Label size range

L=25mmW=5 mm

Feed speed

No greater than 1 seconds

Label feeding time and testing

Max 3 minute, may advance the early warning supplementary materials

Label type can be changed easily

Max 10min

Feeder requirements

Roll label diameter min 350 mm

Label accuracy


PCB The size range of the board

150 x 50 mm ~ 420 x 350 mm

Way to learn

Vacuum absorb

Multiple label selection

The same block Panel Label multiple labels of the same size but different content


The device has reached speed UPH Requirements:8 Gold standard /points

The software system


Programming interface

Intuitive and understandable, Chinese interface, configuration DELL Computer mainframe and LCD, keyboard and mouse, etc

In the school functions

The location of the label can be passed through the software+The cantilever movement is calibrated


The feeder communicates with the label head, and the printed label can be attached in real time, which can be uploaded to the network system

Safety and control system


Safety design

Full closed box appearance at bottom of table with open upper part and emergency stop switch

The control mode

The grain of sichuan PLC Program controller control

standard SMEMA Even the machine interface

2 A female plug, 2 A male plug,2 Meters long connection

In and out of the plate IO The signal interface

In and out board each a set of photoelectric sensor, using omron brand

Alarm function

On the card board, such as leakage and other abnormal realization of audible and visual alarm

Touch screen control interface

Adopt hechuan touch screen

Barcode scanning

Equipped with bar code scanner, can automatically scan and upload customer system online


The part that may cause harm to human body installs safety protective cover

Transmission positioning system


Transmission way

automatic CV Transmission track,ESD Belt driven by fast stepper motor

Track width

50mm ~ 350mm Adjustable hand wheel adjustment

Positioning way

Servo cylinder block+The photoelectric switch is positioned and the barrier is SMC Brand, photoelectric switch for omron brand

Label the arm movement system

Z axis

Germany fest Cylinder and pneumatic control element

Y axis

nissan THK Linear slide rail guide, sea silver wire ball screw transmission,panasonic 750W Servomotor drive



SALP-300-B Type automatic online labeling machine prototype photos

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